Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard B.1991  Gävle, Sweden

Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard’s work is situated around materials and places we surround ourselves with. She is interested in the memories these places and objects carry with them and how they shape us and our society. Her practice is a combination of studio and field work. She collects materials, images and objects from different places and uses them as a starting point in her work. She explores her surroundings through theories connected to geology and anthropology and examines walking as an artistic method. Both the physical aspect of movement but also the idea of mapping and translating a space with the body.

Her installation based work explores different sculptural techniques combining them in the space she is exhibiting in. Materials that are reoccurring in her work are clay, hemp thread and paper. She is drawn to materials that have a sense of resistance and are easily altered or cast into a shape. Materials that are connected to nature in some way or carry a narrative of their own.


2019 Umeå Academy of Fine Arts Master of Fine Arts

2019 Making Rituals, Express course, Iceland Academy of Fine Art, Reykjavik

2017 Valand Academy of Fine Art BFA Photography

2015 Iceland Academy of Fine Arts

2014 Gamleby Folkhögskola Fine Art Photography

2012 Gotlands Folkhögskolan Photography

Solo Exhibitions and duo 

2023 Showcase Window, Berlin, Germany- Becoming 

2022 Platforms Projects, Athens, Greece - interdisciplinary collaboration (duo with Gitte Eidslott) 

2022 Gallery SILK, Gothenburg, Sweden - From the begining

2022 Korpúlfsstaðir, Reykjavik, Island – Undone (Duo with Elaine Grainer)

2022 Casino THX, Malmö - Temporary movement on permanent ground 

2021 Macken, Malmö, Sweden - YTTRING

2021 Prenzlauer Studio, Berlin, Germany - Caressing Ocean

2020 Alta Artspace, Malmö, Sweden  - Yttring/Outcrop

2020 Studio K prosjektrom, Kvernaland, Norway  - Yttring/Outcrop

2020 NEJD, Gothenburg, Sweden (Duo with Johan Andrén)

2020 Gallery Lars Palm, Sandviken, Sweden  (Duo show Jenny Käll

2018 Konstcentrum Väst, Gothenburg, Sweden - Positioner av förnimmelse 

2017 Konstra Gallery, Gävle, Sweden - Fragments

2016 Gallery Rotor 2, Gothenburg, Sweden -Vittra är att långsamt brytas ner tills ingenting finns 

2016 Gallery Monitor, Gothenburg, Sweden -We stood so long, then we fell 

2016 Idka Kulturkiosk, Gävle, Sweden (Duo med Nelly Harrysson)

2015 Gallery Monitor, Gothenburg, Sweden- Tyst närvaro eller sökande efter mänsklig kontakt 

2012 Gallery Lars palm Sandviken, Sweden- Vad som blir kvar

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Konst Kompaniet, Stockholm, Sweden- Wintercollection

2021 Baltazar street, Malmö, Sweden- Homecoming 

2021 Artibus, Malmö , Sweden - Kärl 

2020 Gävle Art Center, Gävle, Sweden - Fall Salong 

2020 Celsius Art space, Malmö, Sweden - Cas heart Alta 

2019 Utopia Mall, Umeå, Sweden - Collapse 

2019 Gallery Andersson Sandström, Stockholm, Sweden - Meanwhile 

2019 Bildmuseet , Umeå, Sweden - MFA Graduation Exhibtion- Meanwhile

2019 Vidir, Reykjavik, Iceland, Making Rituals 

2018 The Gallery, Umeå, Sweden, MFA Fall exhibition- Between effort and relaxation 

2018 The Gallery, Umeå, Sweden- The Drawing Room Curated by Ariane Müller and Christoph Draeger

2018 Gallery Alva, Umeå, Sweden - Para Site

2017 Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå, Sweden - Inside The Black Cube

2017 Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg, Sweden -The Abscens Of Something Is Not Enough

2016 A-venue, Gothenburg, Sweden - Action

2016 A-venue, Gothenburg, Sweden - Photobook GBG festival 2016

2016 Valand Academy of Fine Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden, Vår - en fotografisk utställning 

2016 Gallery Fisk, Bergen, Norway - Spring Screen

2016 Gallery A-venue, Gothenburg, Sweden - A new beginning  

2015 Eniar Jónsson Sculpture Museum Reykjavik, Iceland - We Cleaned The Stairs 

2015 Gallery Kling Og Bang Reykjavik, Iceland -The present is a gift as well

2015 Ekkisens Art gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland - Video Screening

2015 Aarhus independent pixel, Aarhus, Denmark - Vittra

2015 Aarhus independent pixel festival, Aarhus, Denmark - Vittra part one

2015 Valand Academy Of Fine Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden - Spring Exhibition

2014 Gallery Kocks, Stockholm, Sweden -Untitled 

2012 Visby Art Museum, Gotland, Sweden -  Existence 


2023 NoFresca (IT)

2023 GlogauAir (GE)

2022 SIM (IS) 

2021 Riklundagården (SWE) 


2023 If not no mag 002, Denmark 

2021 Horistont Magazine of Literature And Culture 1/2021- Passager 

2020 Nejd Magasin 2 - Nejd blickar ut, Nejd 

2020 Korrespondens/ Den här ytan är viktigt för platsen- Self published with Johan Andrén

2020 LEDA -Self published Fanzine

2019 Passager -Self published book.

Grants/ Foundations

2023 Two year working grant, Swedish Art Council

2022 Swedish Art Council travel grant 

2021 Working grant Malmö City

2021 Swedish Art Council travelgrant

2021 Evja Damm grant

2021 One year working grant, Swedish Art Council

2021 Malmö Stad Studio Grant

2020 Nordic Culture point

2019 Assistance Grant Swedish Art Council

2019 Gunnvor Göranssons Culture Foundation

2019 Kuno Grant 

2016 Adlerbertska Foundation

2016 Karin and Erik Engman Foundation

2015 Arhus Independent Pixel Award for best short movie and best photo series

2015 Otto and Charlotte Mannheimer foundation

Represented in collections

Gothenburg Art foundation

Region of Scania

Private collectors 

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