Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard (b.1991)

In Söndergaards work time is used as a method of investigating and choreography shapes  the meeting between material and the body. How do they respond when positioned in context of interaction and what patterns are shaped in these encounters? In site specific installation interactive works are created based out of sculpture, video and photography. 


Umeå Academy of Fine Arts MFA 2017-2019

Iceland Academy of Fine Arts 2015

Valand Academy of Fine Art BFA Photography 2014-2017

Gamleby Folkhögskola Fine Art Photography 2013-2014

GotlandsFolkhögskolan Photography 2011-2012


2017 Konstra Gallery, Gävle, Sweden

2017 Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg, Sweden, TheAbscensOf Something Is Not Enough

2016 A-venue Gothenburg, Sweden, A NewOrder  

2016 A-venue, Gothenburg, Sweden, ActionWeek 

2016 A-venue, Gothenburg, Sweden Fotobok GBGfestival 2016

2016 IdkaKulturkiosk, Gävle, Sweden, Kollektiv Komposition 

2016Akademin Valand, Gothenburg, Sweden Vår - en fotografiskutställning 

2016 GalleryFisk, Bergen, Norway, Sweden Spring Screen

2016A-venue, Gothenburg, Sweden Feminist Strategies Festival 

2016 GalleryRotor 2, Gothenburg, Sweden, Vittra är att långsamt brytas ner tillsingeting finns kvar

2016 Gallery Monitor, Gothenburg, Sweden We stoodso long, then we fell 

2016 Gallery A-venue, Gothenburg, Sweden, Anew beginning  

2015 Eniar Jónsson Sculpture Museum Reykjavik,Iceland, We cleaned the stairs   

2015 Gallery Kling og Bang Reykjavik, Iceland, Thepresent is a gift as well

2015 Ekkisens Art gallery, Reykjavík,Iceland Video Screening

2015 Aarhus independent pixel, Aarhus, Denmark, Vittra

2015 Aarhus independent pixel festival, Aarhus,Denmark, Vittra part one

2015 LHI, Reykjavik, Iceland, Ten things a manshould know about a women 

2015 Gallery Krebseen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Parttwo

2015 Valand Academy, Gothenburg, Sweden, Springexhibition

2015 GalleryMonitor, Gothenburg, Sweden, Tyst närvaro eller sökande efter mänskligkontakt 

2014 GalleryKocks, Stockholm, Sweden, Untitled 

2013 GamlebyHamnhus, Gamleby, Sweden, BerlinGamleby

2012 Kulturhuset lava Stockholm, AutumnExhibition

2012 VisbyKonstmuseum, Visby, Sweden, Existens

2012 FenixKulturhus, Visby, Sweden, Untitled  

2012 GalleryLars palm Sandviken, Sweden, Vad som blir kvar

2011 Levidebygdegård, Levide, Sweden, Levide en dokumentation

2010 VasaskolansGallery, Gävle, Sweden, Spring exhibition at Vasaskolan 

Grants/ Foundations  

2016 Adlerbertska Foundation

2016 Karin and Erik Engman Foundation

2015 Arhus Independent Pixel Award for best short movie and bestphoto series

2015 Otto and Charlotte Mannheimer foundation

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